If Your Gums Are Bleeding, Swollen, Receding or Inflamed, Then You Are At Risk Of Losing Your Teeth.
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* Stops Your Bleeding Gums in 5 Minutes – usually less.

* Kills Bacteria Which Is Causing Your Gums To Recede.

* Prevents The Need For Gum Surgery.

*Prevents The Need For Tooth Extraction.

* You No Longer Have To Live In Fear Of Embarrasing Bad      Breath

* Simple To Use – You Just Rub a Few Drops Into Your Gums 4 Times A Day Plus Once At Bedtime

* You No Longer Have To Live In Fear Of Losing Your Teeth!

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The EXACT TREATMENT Which You Can Now Use To Clear Your Gum Infection –  in Less Than 72 Hours From Now.

Do NOT risk losing your teeth.

Your dentist looks after your teeth.

Gum Doctor looks after your gums.

Gum Infection, Gingivitis, Receding Gums, Bleeding Gums, Swollen Gums and most Gum Disease is caused by bacteria growing on your gums and in the tooth socket.

The Organic plant extracts in Gum Doctor have very powerful antibiotic properties.

The Gum Doctor remedy kills the bacteria on your gums – ON CONTACT.

Simply massage a few drops into your gums three times a day for a few days – that’s it.

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