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Do You Want to Stop Gum Disease 

Bleeding Gums, Receding Gums and IN

JUST A FEW DAYS – Without Costly and

Painful Surgery – and Without Toxic


Almost all gum problems are caused by bacteria breeding in your gums, mostly in and around your tooth socket.

It is warm, moist, dark, there is plenty of food – the gums around your teeth is BACTERIA PARADISE.

Normally your immune system will keep the bacteria under control.

But if you have been stressed, maybe overworked or let your diet slip a bit, then your immune system becomes slightly weaker – and that is enough for the bacteria to get a grip in your gums.


Joe Johnson
Research Herbalist

My name is Joe Johnson. I have been actively engaged in research into natural remedies for over twenty years.If you have receding gums, periodontal disease, bleeding gums or gum disease of any kind– you need to really listen – because this crucial short video will directly affect you.

What I have discovered about bleeding gums and

stopping bleeding gums quickly

This is cutting edge and just might be the untapped resource that you have been looking for.

It will show you how simple it is to stop your bleeding gums before your gums are permanently damaged

and if you apply this simple and ingenious method,  it may even stop you from losing your teeth altogether.

Emma Williams – Health Editor on this site – has urged me to share with you details of an astonishing discovery I made about bleeding gums.

One that gets rid of bleeding gums faster than you ever dreamed possible – and in many cases – almost overnight.

So, if you have bleeding gums, what is actually going on in your mouth?

Right now – as you watch this video – there is a raging war going on in your mouth.

Specifically, bacteria are eating your gums alive

And unless you find a way to kill the bacteria – without damaging your immune system –
then sooner or later – you WILL lose your teeth.

Before I show you a simple way to kill the bacteria, I want you to consider this. Almost all gum disease problems are caused by bacteria breeding in your gums, mostly in and around your tooth socket.

This is because your tooth socket is the perfect breeding ground. It is warm, moist, dark, there is plenty of food – the gums around your teeth is BACTERIA PARADISE.

Normally, your immune system will keep the

bacteria under control

But if you have been stressed, maybe overworked, taken drugs or let your diet slip a bit, then your immune system becomes slightly weaker – and that is enough for the bacteria to get a grip in your gums.

Once your gums become infected, you then have gum disease. You can have blood on your teeth
Or our gums may inflamed or spongy. You may have a foul taste in your mouth or experience bad breath.  Your gums can begin to recede – if you are experiencing these symptoms – you are at risk of losing your teeth.

And to make things even worse

If you use antibiotics to kill the bacteria around your gums – you will have to swallow them –which means that the whole of your immune system is now shocked and weakened even further by the toxic impact of the powerful antibiotic drugs.

This is why antibiotics appear to work for a week or two – then your gum problem comes back worse than ever before. Along with many of the antibiotic side effects – such as genital and oral thrush, digestive problems and many other illnesses – some of which are killing people.

In case you are in any doubt about the danger of modern drugs, according to a recent report by eminent US Doctors, (see proof below) in the United States alone, the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine, like antibiotics, is an astounding 784000 men, women and children per year.

That’s about 2200 per day.

It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.

So, I was desperate to find a way of killing the

germs in your gums – without harming your

immune system

I have seen so many people lose their teeth to gum disease – even after six or seven rounds of antibiotics – and even after expensive and painful gum surgery.

It was tragic. That was why I did my research.

You see, human beings with gum disease have been around for tens of thousands of years – pharmaceutical companies have been around about 100 years – and they don’t want you to know what your ancestors knew – so my first step in research is always to go back into history.

After a lot of reading – and I don’t mean the usual herbalist research books – I mean I have secret access to some of the best books on the planet.

Books that are mostly kept hidden away by rich collectors, drug companies, private libraries, specialist reference libraries –  or books that ‘science’ believes are not worth looking at – books written by people who have zero medical qualifications – but who lived in the wilds of Mother Nature – all their lives – and who have had herbal remedies passed down from one generation to the next.

It was in such research books that I found the clues

to an ancient cure for Gum Disease, Bleeding Gums,

Receding Gums and ALL forms of Periodontal


Clue #1 – The Roman Gladiator

I discovered that every Roman Gladiator had to ensure that he always had these three items.

i) His uniform of armour to protect him.

ii) His sword to attack his enemy.

iii) A small leather pouch of a concentrated ‘herb’….


If the Gladiator was ever to receive a wound – be it from a sword, dagger or any other weapon –

he was to rub the herb into the wound to prevent infection…. even the deepest sword wounds would be filled with this herb – because of its amazing abilities to kill bacteria…

Hmmm… now that was interesting…

This was a green light for further research. I began to see this herb everywhere in ancient manuscripts. The most obvious and most well-known clue was staring me right in my face!

Clue #2 – The Birth of Jesus

Now, irrespective of your religious beliefs, the intrinsic essence of this story holds true.

According to historical text, when Jesus was born, he was visited by three wise men – and they presented

Jesus with gold, frankincense – and the third king brought Myrrh….

My research has proven that myrrh was regarded to be the MOST POWERFUL ANTIBIOTIC OF THE ANCIENT WORLD


Most natural remedies for gum problems are

nothing more than mild antiseptic mouthwashes

with a minty taste

I knew that up till now that most natural remedies for gum problems are nothing more than mild antiseptic mouthwashes with a minty taste. They sometimes help a little, but for bleeding gums, gum disease and serious gum problem, they simply don’t work – they are just not strong enough.

I expected my research to last 6-12 months – but I had a 100% PROVEN remedy in 6 weeks.

I wanted to test it for longer – but my conscience wouldn’t let me – because every single client with bleeding gums was cured – sometimes within just a few hours!

In order to increase the antibiotic effects of the remedy – I added three other powerful and proven natural antibiotic herbs to the myrrh.

The combined antibiotic effect of these four herbs

is unstoppable

Gum Doctor has been PROVEN countless times to cure bleeding gums and gum disease – because it kills the bacteria in your gums ON CONTACT.

Customer Feedback

“”The very best gum disease treatment I have ever tried, it worked for me where
antibiotics had failed.

I had gingivitis again, and I feared the worst …

Thank God, you discovered those herbs.

My gingivitis was gone in a 3 days. ” “

Maria R -– New York

Customer Feedback

“Using Gum Doctor Treatment I had used it for three or four days and Wham -
my gums look pink, healthy and they feel hard again.

Why are Dentists and Doctors so against natural remedies?

These last few days have resulted in a mind-boggling improvement in my gums

I feel so great I hardly noticed my gums growing back – but they did. “

Linda J -– Florida

You simply massage a few drops of remedy into the
gap where your gums meet your teeth.

This takes about ten seconds.And you do this 3 times a day.That’s it.

No more gum problems – GUARANTEED

No injections.

No painful and expensive surgery.


No antibiotics that slaughter your already tired

immune system

This is a convenient easy to use remedy – which means that you don’t have to spend your day making expensive and time consuming dental appointments, or discussing embarrassing gum or bad breath problems in the drug store.

Just a small bottle of herbal liquid that you can carry with you throughout the day.

  • Killing the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Keeping your breath fresh and clean.
  • But perhaps more importantly – saving your gums and keeping your teeth.

Now, the biochemical war in your mouth is over 

I planned to launch the remedy – called Gum Doctor – with advertising, fancy packaging and sending it out through my small network of distributors – but I never got the chance.

Word spread quickly about the results I was getting with Gum Doctor – patients and herbalists came to my practice and literally demanded I make it for them.

But it is not so simple.

You see, I tested a lot of different myrrh – and the only organic myrrh which consistently stopped gum disease came from the Middle East or Somalia…. In these war torn, struggling times, can you imagine how hard it is now to import a shipment from the Middle East or Somalia?

To say my ingredient supply is fragile is a massive understatement….  Right now I have enough ingredients for three batches. I make each batch by hand myself. I measure, weigh and mix the ingredients myself. I blend the ingredients myself. So do not worry about that, the

Gum Doctor Remedies I make are of the highest quality.

I have handed two of the batches over to my trusted friend Emma Williams.

If you have gum problems then I strongly suggest

that you get this remedy – called Gum Doctor - 

before supplies run out – and before you begin to

lose your teeth

This remedy packs a wallop. You will suddenly FEEL your gums improving. Within a few hours of using it – you will KNOW your gums are getting better.

Customer Feedback

my teeth had been loose on and off for months and my gums were bleeding, and
I tried antibiotics three times – but the problem just kept coming back.

I applied your plant extracts with my finger for only 10 seconds 3 times a day
seems to have sorted it. “

John B – Birmingham

Customer Feedback

““I could taste the bad breath caused by the bleeding gums.

I was so embarrassed, but it got more serious when my dentist told me I could
lose my teeth.

I put two drops on my gums three or four times a day and by the time I had
used half a bottle, the bleeding had stopped and my dentist is ‘curious’ to say the

Thanks so much for a great invention.”

Melanie C – Oklahoma City

You must hurry however. I normally only give this remedy to my personal clients and fellow herbalists.

I have never committed a single batch of Gum Doctor to anyone else before. Emma begged me not to let the other herbalists or online stores know what we were up to till she had the stock.

Now she has it, it is going faster than even I imagined.

So if you mess around, and order late, you may miss out. If you have bleeding gums – that would be a horrible mistake.

Don’t let that happen

This will result will you having strong, hard, healthy gums – holding your teeth firmly in place – Gum Doctor will have you smiling again – and isn’t that what great gums are all about?

Have a good look at the testimonials below to see how the Gum Doctor has helped men and women across the country get rid of their bleeding gums fast.

But maybe you have a few understandable seeds of doubt?

That’s fair enough. After all, you don’t know me.

So let me put your mind at rest so that you can experience the Gum Doctor remedy for yourself.

You can use the Gum Doctor remedy to your hearts content for a full 90 days if you wish.

You don’t risk a single penny trying this remedy for yourself.



You have a complete 90 Day Unconditional 100%

Money Back Guarantee

But the clear and simple truth is this.

If this breakthrough Gum Doctor remedy does not quickly and easily get rid of your gum disease or if you are not completely satisfied in any way any all, then I insist that you send the Gum Doctor back to Emma, (in any condition), and she will personally make sure that you get a fast and full refund of every penny you paid for the remedy.

No questions asked, and no hassles.

You have my word on that.

Ok, how much will this bleeding gums remedy cost you?

Well, I normally charge my client’s $200 for an appointment – plus $170 for the remedy. Because you do not have to have an appointment with me to get it (and appointments with me are very hard to get), plus I am not using my offices and staff

I have agreed with Emma to give you a 50%

DISCOUNT on the Gum Doctor Remedy

This means that you can get your Gum Doctor remedy for just $87 + $5 Shipping

This means that YOU WILL SAVE OVER $280!

(PLUS: Emma literally manhandled me into giving you an ADDITIONAL GIFT OF FREE BONUS HEALTH BOOKS – value $127 – to the FIRST 100 who try the Sinus Doctor remedy – you can see book details below. These bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the remedy.)

  • This is the first time – and maybe the last time – my bleeding gums remedy has ever been sold for less than $170.
  • $87 is less than the price of a course of useless – even dangerous – antibiotics.
  • It is less than the price of a visit to the dentist.
  • And it is certainly less than the price of dentures or dental surgery – which you may need if you don’t get your gums sorted fast.

So order your remedy right now – whilst Emma still has the stock and whilst you are
still on this page

Simply click on the link below

paypal button

Customer Feedback

“Dear Customer Service Department,

it worked! Just like you said it would.

My gums are growing again, my teeth are tighter and my breath is so much

Send me three more – I never want to run the risk again.

You have saved my teeth with this amazing gingivitis gum disease remedy. Please
send me four more bottles.

I think every member of my family should protect their teeth and gums with Gum
Doctor. “

Larry W – Louisville

Customer Feedback

“Hi there,

many thanks for sending me details of the web site again. I have to say that I
have suffered from gum disease for about 8 years on and off.

I have tried many remedies, and have had antibiotics and different drugs from
specialists, and I have to admit I was on the verge of trying losing all my teeth, till
I saw your web site.

Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful.

My breath is fresher (and this is something that was beginning to depress me) and
my gums are slowly growing back. Thank you so much. “

Margery A –  Portland

Emma will look after you – and if you have any questions about bleeding gums, gum disease or even the gum disease remedy, you can write to me at any time.

Simply click on the link below and Emma will get your remedy in the post today.

Best Wishes


Joe Johnson – Herbalist

PS. I forgot to say… just in case you are in any doubts about how effective and powerful this gum disease remedy is. Once you have used Gum Doctor for just three days…

Enjoy the Gum Doctor 3 Day Mirror Test

After just 3 days of putting a few drops of Gum Doctor remedy onto your infected gums –

You will  SEE FOR YOURSELF your healthy gums looking pink, full and strong – AND NOT A SINGLE DROP OF BLOOD ON YOUR TEETH, SWOLLEN GUMS OR BAD TASTE IN SIGHT!

You will FEEL your gums getting HARDER, STRONGER and HEALTHIER.

You will TASTE your FRESH mouth and breath –  FRESH BREATH EVERY SINGLE BREATH
(free from the lousy tasting and foul smelling flesh-eating bacteria that once almost caused you to nearly lose your teeth.)


No Toxic Side Effects

Don’t take the antibiotics, not unless you enjoy being exhausted and having itchy eyes, itchy ears, itchy backside and genitals.

You Must Be Kidding Me, Right?

Nope.  Antibiotic drugs that are used for gum disease will weaken your body and whole immune system, very often causing you to feel exhausted AND you get a yeast infection around your backside, genitals and even your eyes – (that is a fungus that will instantly breed wherever it is warm and moist on your body.) The Gum Doctor remedy is applied to your infected gums only – and will NOT cause you to have a yeast, candida or thrush infection –  IT HAS ZERO SIDE EFFECTS

No More Embarrassing Bad Breath- 

After All, You Can Only Hold Your Breath For So


If you have gum problems, it can be tricky when you are in company or when you want to get ‘close’ to someone. The Gum Doctor remedy kills off ALL the stinking bacteria – PLUS it contains a small amount of a pleasant tasting highly concentrated plant extract to give you instant fresh breath – so you can ‘socialize’ with confidence – all day – and all night long.

Just put a few drops of this remedy onto your gums. The bottle is small enough to fit into your handbag or jeans pocket – no problem at all – just take it with you all day long.

Sort Your Gums Out and Start Living a Much More

Enjoyable Life

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Customer Feedback

“ Hello, I just thought I’d let you know that I received my order yesterday.

As I live in Singapore I thought it would take a lot longer due to the time difference. The order was placed and I received it in the time you stated, which is FANTASTIC! I also just wanted to say thank-you as I sent an email to your customer care

and was surprised at the speed of which my query was responded to, ‘plus’ with all of my questions answered in full.

Thanks so much for the excellent service. Kind regards” 

Pandey T – Singapore

Customer Feedback

“For years I have had to spend at least 15-20 minutes every morning and night
gently cleaning my teeth and swilling my gums with mouthwash.

I was told your bottles will lasts me months, but I will never run out of this Gum
Doctor ever.

My mouth, my teeth, my gums are all feeling great, no gingivitis, no bleeding at all.

I am still feeling great and will continue to use the system every week, like the
video said to.

Thanks again for this great Gum remedy of yours. “

Kelly D – Las Vegas

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icon2You can now naturally and dramatically heal your gum disease – without drugs.Simply massage a few drops of this natural antibiotic remedy onto your gums.

icon2It is that easy.


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