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Why Spend Thousands on Dental Implants - Then Risk Losing Your New Teeth to Bacteria Which Are Guaranteed to Be Breeding in Your Gums?

I had three dental implants and they had cost me a over $8000. The pain after the surgery was to be expected - but two days later my gums became infected.
After two courses of amoxycillin antibiotics, 500mg, and them metronidizole 500mg, I was no better.

I was in great pain and was scared of losing the implants.

I put a few drops of Gum Doctor on and with a few hours I could actually feel and see the infection clearing.

Within three days of using the Gum Doctor remedy, my gum infection had completely cleared.

I now use Gum Doctor once or twice a week to keep my gums hard and pink.

Nancy D | Los Angeles, CA

"I lost my teeth in a football game and hated wearing dentures. I got a quote for $5000 for the dental implant surgery.
I went ahead and all was well till about three days after the surgery.
My gums literally balloooned out, even though I was on antibiotics from the dental surgeon. The pain was unbearable. I was so scared of losing my implants. The surgeon said I my have to have no dentures in my mouth at all while the gums hopefully healed.
Can you imagine doing business with no teeth?
I got the Gum Doctor from my mother and the effect was obvious within 24 hours. The gum swelling and infection went down over the next three days. You saved my life!"

Maria R | New York


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Gum Doctor is an extremely powerful blend of natural antibiotic drops that kill bacteria ON CONTACT.

  • Stops Dental Implant Infection FAST
  • Use to PREVENT Dental Implant BEFORE and AFTER Dental Implant Surgery
  • Reduces Gum Pain After Surgery
  • Reduces Facial Swelling After Surgery
  • Quickly Hardens Gums
  • Reduces Bad Breath After Surgery
  • Simple and Easy To Apply
  • Stops Your Swollen Gums
  • Does Not Interfere With Prescribed Antibiotics or Other Medication
  • Does Not Harm Dental Stitches

Here is the PROOF from Page One of Google.
Dental Implant Infections Admitted to be 50%

Gum Doctor

After TEN IMPLANTS - I Had NO MORE Dental Implant Infections

Imagine It. All Your Money Down the Drain.
All That Pain - And Heartache - for Nothing.
Dental Implant Infection is the BIGGEST Cause of Dental Implant Failure. Your Mouth Is FULL of Bacteria.
Do NOT Let Bacteria Destroy Yor Dental Implants

Over 90% of dental implant failures are caused by bacteria breeding in your gums, mostly infecting the gums around your dental implants.

After dental implant surgery, your gums are wide open to infection.
It is warm, moist, dark, there is plenty of food - the gums around your dental implants is BACTERIA PARADISE.

Normally your immune system will keep the bacteria under control.

However, the stress of dental implant surgery will weaken your immune system - and so will the antibiotics that they give give you.
Plus, if you have been stressed, maybe overworked or let your diet slip a bit, then your immune system becomes even weaker – often alone that is enough for the bacteria to get a grip in your sore, swollen and stitched up gums.

My name is Joe Johnson. I have been actively engaged in research into natural remedies for over twenty years.

I have had more than ten dental implants myself.
The first time I had implants it was horrendous.
I nearly lost my implants because of gum infection - and I was in a great deal of pain - until I took the bull by the horns and treated myself.
If you are considering dental implants – you need to really listen - because this crucial short video will directly affect you

Joe Johnson, Herbalist

Joe Johnson
Research Herbalist

What I Have Discovered About Dental Implant Surgery and Stopping Dental Implant Infection

This is cutting edge and is the peace of mind that you have been looking for .

It will show you how simple it is to PREVENT and STOP your dental implant infection - before your gums, jaw bone and dental bone grafts are permanently damaged by bacterial infection, and it may even stop you from losing your dental implants altogether.

As more Dentists find out about this remedy, they too are urging me to share with you details of this astonishing discovery I have made about preventing and stopping dental implant infection.

This blend of natural antibiotics gets rid of bacteria that cause dental implant gum infection - and dental implant failure - faster than you ever dreamed possible – and in many cases - almost overnight.

So, if you have dental implant infection, or you are thinking of getting dental implants - then you need to be putting a few drops of Gum Doctor on your gums as soon as possible.

Right now - there is a raging war going on in your mouth.

Dangerous bacteria are looking for a way into your gums.
FACT - Dental Implant Surgery Will Give Them FREE ACCESS To Your Gums and Jaw Bone

And unless you find a way to kill the bacteria – without damaging your immune system – then sooner or later – you WILL lose your dental implants.

Dentists almost always give antibiotics BEFORE and AFTER dental implant surgery.
Why? Because they know just how risky the surgery can be.

Like I said earlier, it is because your tooth socket, with dental implants and stiched up gums is the PERFECT BREEDING GROUND.

It is warm, moist, dark, there is plenty of food – the gums around your dental implants is a BACTERIA BUFFET.

Normally, your immune system will keep the bacteria under control - BUT DENTAL IMPLANT SURGERY WEAKENS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM

Once your gums become infected, you then have a serious problem. You will be in a LOT OF PAIN. (Believe me, I know). You will not be able to eat nor barely drink. You may have a foul taste in your mouth or experience bad breath. Your gums can begin to recede – if you are experiencing these symptoms – you are at risk of losing dental implants altogether.

And to make things even worse

If your Dentist advises you use antibiotics to kill the bacteria around your gums and implants – you will have to swallow them – which means that the whole of your immune system is now shocked and weakened EVEN FURTHER by the toxic impact of the powerful antibiotic drugs.

This is why antibiotics appear to work for a week or two – then your gum problem comes back worse than ever before. MEANWHILE, YOU MAY HAVE LOST YOUR IMPLANTS.

In case you are in any doubt about the danger of dental implant infection, according to a recent report by eminent US Dental Surgeons, (see proof below) in the United States the infection rate aassociated with dental implant surgery is over 50%, and a great many people LOSE THEIR IMPLANTS ALTOGETHER!.

"Thats about 2200 per day"

It is now evident that the American dental system needs to update its dental implant procedures.

So Many People Have Lost Their Dental Implants to Gum Infection.
Even After Six or Seven Rounds of Antibiotics And Even After Expensive and Painful Gum Surgery.

You see, human beings with gum infections have been around for tens of thousands of years - pharmaceutical companies have been around about 100 years – and they don’t want you to know what your ancestors knew – so my first step in research is always to go back into history.

Books that are mostly kept hidden away by rich collectors, drug companies, private libraries, specialist reference libraries – or books that ‘science’ believes are not worth looking at - books written by people who have zero medical qualifications – but who lived in the wilds of Mother Nature - all their lives - and who have had herbal remedies passed down from one generation to the next.

It was in such research books that I found the clues to an ancient cure for Gum Infection -

Clue #1 – The Roman Gladiator

I discovered that every Roman Gladiator had to ensure that he always had these three items.

  1. His uniform of armour to protect him.
  2. His sword to attack his enemy.
  3. A small leather pouch of a concentrated ‘herb’….

OK, a gladiator never had teeth implants, but if the Gladiator was ever to receive a wound – be it from a sword, dagger or any other weapon – he was to rub the herb into the wound to prevent infection…. even the deepest sword wounds would be filled with this herb – because of its amazing abilities to kill bacteria…

Hmmm… now that was interesting…

This was a green light for further research. I began to see this herb everywhere in ancient manuscripts. The most obvious and most well-known clue was staring me right in my face!

Clue #2 – The Birth of Jesus

Now, irrespective of your religious beliefs, the intrinsic essence of this story holds true.

According to historical text, when Jesus was born, he was visited by three wise men – and they presented

Jesus with gold, frankincense – and the third king brought Myrrh….

My research has proven that myrrh was regarded to be the

Irrespective of any religious beliefs, myrrh truly is an antibiotic fit for a king.

Of course I had heard of this herb before – I have used it many times - but I had no idea it was such a powerful natural antibiotic – one that could be put directly onto wounds – or maybe put directly onto infected dental implant gums.

In order to increase the antibiotic effects of the remedy – I added three other powerful and proven natural antibiotic herbs to the myrrh.

Most Natural Remedies for Gum Infection Problems are Not Strong Enough - I NEEDED SOMETHING FAST!

Putting it as politely as I can, I knew when the dentists antibiotics didn't work - that I was in trouble.I knew I was going to lose my teeth unless I came up with a strong solution - fast.

I expected my research to be difficuot - but I had a 100% PROVEN remedy in 5 days.

I wanted to test it for longer – but my swollen, painful, bleeding gums wouldn’t let me.
I applied the herbalntibiotic to my gums and hours later I KNEW I WAS CURED!

The Combined Antibiotic Effect of These Four Herbs on Dental Implant Infection is UNSTOPPABLE.

Gum Doctor has been PROVEN countless times now to cure dental implant infections - because it kills the bacteria in your gums ON CONTACT.

The best dental implant infection treatment I have ever tried, it worked for me where antibiotics had failed.

The stitches had ripped, I was bleeding, and i feared the worst...

Thank God, you discovered those herbs.

My implant infection was gone in a couple days.

Bill B | California

Using Gum Doctor Treatment I had used it for three or four days and Wham- my gums look pink, health and they feel hard again.

Why are Dentists and Doctors so against natural remedies?

These last few days have resulted in a mind-boggling improvement in my gums health.

I feel so great I hardly noticed my gums growing back- but they did.

Linda J | Florida

You simply massage a few drops of remedy into the area of the dental surgery. Or onto the gums where your dental implants are.

This takes about ten seconds only.
And you do this 3 times a day.
That’s it.

No more gum problems – GUARANTEED
No injections.
No painful and expensive surgery. No losing your expensive dental implants.

Your Dentists Chemical Antibiotics PLUS Natures Strongest Natural Antibiotics GUM DOCTOR Remedy

This is a convenient easy to use remedy – which means that you don’t have to spend your day making expensive and time consuming dental appointments, or discussing embarrassing gum or bad breath problems in the drug store.

Just a small bottle of herbal liquid that you can carry with you throughout the day.

  • Killing the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Stopping gum pain and soreness.
  • But perhaps more importantly of all - saving your gums and keeping your dental9mplants.

Now, Thank God, Your Worry About Dental Implant Infection is OVER

I planned to launch the remedy – called Gum Doctor – with advertising, fancy packaging and sending it out through my small network of distributors – but I never got the chance..

Word spread quickly about the results I was getting with Gum Doctor – patients and herbalists came to my practice (and even a few Dentists) and literally demanded I make it for them. But it is not so simple.

You see, I tested a lot of different myrrh – and the only organic myrrh which consistently stopped gum disease came from the Middle East or Somalia…. In these war torn, struggling times, can you imagine how hard it is now to import a shipment from the Middle East or Somalia?

To say my ingredient supply is fragile is a massive understatement…. Right now I have enough ingredients for three batches. I make each batch by hand myself. I measure, weigh and mix the ingredients myself. I blend the ingredients myself. So do not worry about that, the Gum Doctor Remedies I make are of the highest quality.

I have have employed two extra staff to deal with the demand for this dental implant antibiotic.
To date, almost 30,000 have used the Gum Doctor remedy and been delighted with it.

If You Have Dental Implant Gum Problems - Or You Are Thinking Of Getting Dental Implants - Then I Strongly Suggest That You Get This Remedy - called Gum Doctor - BEFORE You Risk Losing Your Implants.

This remedy packs a wallop. You will suddenly FEEL your gums improving.
Within a few hours of using it – you will KNOW your gums are getting better.


my teeth had been loose on and off for months and my gums were bleeding, and I tried antibiotics three times - but the problem just kept coming back.

I applied your plant extracts with my finger for only 10 seconds 3 times a day seems to have sorted it.

John B | Birmingham

I was scared stiff of losing my teeth.

My dentist told me I really could lose my teeth.

I put two drops on my gums three or four times a day and my gums went solid. My worried dentist was stunned when he saw how much better my gums were. I gave him your number, in fact he insisted on it!

Thanks so much for saving my teeth.

Tom C | Manchester

You must hurry however. Organic herbs are increasingly hard to source.

A large online herbal supplier has taken amost 4000 bottles recently and they are wanting more from me.

Now they are marketing it to the dental profession, it is going faster than even I imagined.

So if you take your time, you may miss out. If you have dental implants – that would be a horrible mistake.

Don’t Get Dental Implants Without This Remedy In Your Pocket!

This will result will you having strong, hard, healthy gums – holding your dental implants firmly in place – Gum Doctor will have you smiling again - and isn’t that what great teeth and gums are all about?

Have a good look at the testimonials below to see how the Gum Doctor has helped men and women across the country get rid of their dental implant gum problems fast.


That’s fair enough. After all, you don’t know me.

So let me put your mind at rest so that you can experience the Gum Doctor remedy for yourself.

You can use the Gum Doctor remedy to your hearts content for a full 90 days if you wish.

You don’t risk a single penny trying this remedy for yourself.

You Have a 90 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order Now!

But the clear and simple truth is this.

If this breakthrough Gum Doctor remedy does not quickly and easily get rid of your dental implant gum infection or if you are not completely satisfied in any way any all, then I insist that you send theremedy backEmma, (in any condition), and she will personally make sure that you get a fast and full refund of every penny you paid for the remedy.

No questions asked, and no hassles.

You have my word on that.

Ok, how much will this dental implant saviour cost you?

Well, I normally charge my client’s $200 for an appointment - plus $170 for the remedy. Because you do not have to have an appointment with me to get it (and appointments with me are very hard to get), plus I am not using my offices and staff


I Have Agreed to Give a 50% DISCOUNT on the Gum Doctor Dental Implant Infection Remedy

This means that you can get your Gum Doctor remedy for just $87 + $5 Shipping

This means that YOU WILL SAVE OVER $280!

(PLUS: My staff have literally manhandled me into giving you an ADDITIONAL GIFT OF FREE BONUS HEALTH BOOKS – value $127 - to the FIRST 100 who try the Gum Doctor remedy – you can see book details below. These bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the remedy.)

This is the first time – and maybe the last time – my dental implant infection gum doctor remedy has ever been sold for less than $170

  • $87 is less than the price of a course of useless – even dangerous - antibiotics.
  • It is less than the price of a visit to the dentist.
  • And it is certainly less than the price of dental implants– which you may loseif you don’t get your gums sorted fast.
  • So order your remedy right now – whilst we still have the stock and whilst you are still on this page

Simply click on the link below

Dear Joe,

your remedy worked! I thought I was gonna lose my teeth!.

My gums are strong again, my teeth are great and I am happy!

You have saved my teeth with this amazing remedy. Please send me four more bottles

I think I am having more implants and I want toprotect myself from infection from day one.

Kerry G | Denver

Dear Joe,

I went to Mexico for implants and got a gum infection. I have used your Gum Doctor and my implants are now great. Thanks so much..

I have had antibiotics and different drugs from specialists, and i have to admit I was on the verge of trying losing all my teeth, till I saw your web site

Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful.

My breath is fresher (and this is something that was beginning to depress me) and my gums are slowly growing back. Thank you so much.

Billie P | Arizona

My Staff Will Look After You – And If You Have Any Questions About Dental Implant Problems, You Can Email Me At Any Time.

Simply click on the link below and we will get your remedy in the post today.

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson- Herbalist

PS.I forgot to say… just in case you are in any doubts about how effective and powerful this dental implant infection remedy is.
Once you have used Gum Doctor for just three days…

Enjoy the Gum Doctor DentalImplant 3 Day Mirror Test

After just 3 days of putting a few drops of Gum Doctor remedy onto your infected gums –

You will SEE FOR YOURSELF your healthy gums looking pink, full and strong – AND NOT A SINGLE DROP OF BLOOD ON YOUR TEETH, SWOLLEN GUMS OR BAD TASTE IN SIGHT!

You will FEEL your gums getting HARDER, STRONGER and HEALTHIER.

You will TASTE your FRESH mouth and breath - FRESH BREATH EVERY SINGLE BREATH (free from the lousy tasting and foul smelling flesh-eating bacteria that once almost caused you to nearly limplants our teeth.)


By all means take the antibiotics from your Dentist, this will give you DOUBLE PROTECTION.

You Cant Afford To Mess Around, Right?

Bacteria does not give a **** about your teeth, your gums or even your life. You have to TAKE ACTION NOW

The Gum Doctor remedy is applied to your infected gums only - and will NOT cause you any problems – IT HAS ZERO SIDE EFFECTS

No More Worry About Losing Your Teeth- TAKE ACTION NOW
After All, You Can Only Worry For So Long - Then The Bacteria Will Have Destroyed Your Gums - And Your Implants Are GONE

If you have gum implant infection problems, it can be tricky when you are in company or when you want to get ‘close’ to someone. The Gum Doctor remedy kills off ALL the stinking bacteria – PLUS it contains a small amount of a pleasant tasting highly concentrated plant extract to give you instant fresh breath – so you can ‘socialize’ with confidence – all day – and all night long.

Just put a few drops of this remedy onto your gums. The bottle is small enough to fit into your handbag or jeans pocket – no problem at all – just take it with you all day long.

Sort Your Dental Implant Gum Infection Out Now
While You Still Can


many thanks for sending me the Gum Doctor remedy.
It arrived in 3 days.
I immediately put a few drops onto my gums.To be honest, I was sick with worry, I really did think I was going to lose my implants.

Anyhow, within a few days I knew my implants were safe.

I have had the antibiotics and different drugs from the specialist dental surgeons, but it seemed he hd no idea hoe to control the infection in my mouth.

And i have to admit I was on the verge of losing all my hope - as well as my teeth, till I saw your web site

Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful.

My teeth look great and I have no pain or infection at all. Thank you so much.

Wilf G| Denver

For years I have wanted beautiful teeth.
Eventually I felt I could afford dental implants.

The surgery was bad enough, but can you imagine my horror when the dentist told me I had 'a serious gum infection... and 'you might lose your teeth and implants altogether.

I tried his metronidazole and amoxycillin antibiotics combined and after a week of pain, drinking soup, unable to work, even the dentist looked really worried.
It was his assistant who told me to try the Gum Doctor remedy.
I ordered it and had it on my gums a few days later.
I now thank God for sending Gum Doctor to me. It stopped my infection, it stopped the pain and I now have great looking teeth.

My mouth, my teeth, my gums are all feeling great, no gingivitis, no bleeding at all.

I am still feeling great and will continue to use the system every week, like the videos said to.

Thanks again for this great Gum remedy of yours.

Kelly D | Las Vegas

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These Books Alone Are Going To Give You The Body You Want To Go Along With Your New Teeth
and Beautiful Smile

These added bonus eBooks are a real health goldmine – and they are yours to keep for FREE – even if you later decide to return the Gum Doctor remedy - just for trying the remedy.

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Another Great FREE DOWNLOAD.

You are going to love seeing your gums healthy again again – and feeling happier - you are going to smile, breathe and move with more energy from now on.

PPS: Warning: I am giving away only 1000 FREE copies of these books.
So it’s first come - first served. And the remedies are going fast.

So you had better order NOW.

  • You can now naturally and dramatically heal your gum disease – without drugs.
  • Simply massage a few drops of this natural antibiotic remedy onto your gums.

  • It is that easy.

How to Get Rid Of Gum Disease

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to get rid of dental implant gum infection? It affects a lot of people, but do not worry, I really can help you.

Well, dental implant gum infection is often a daunting set of words, but what does it really mean in lay-persons words? There are lots of problems that will pop within your mind whenever you hear the words, ‘dental implant gum infection’.

Is gum implant infection as serious as it appears? Will you lose all of your teeth? How might you eradicate it?

My goal is to answer all these concerns now.

First of all, precisely what is gum disease? This is usually a standard phrase to explain a lot of detrimental gum issues. If you believe you have got gum disease, or perhaps you have already been told you have it, then you need to get it seen to.

The symptoms of gum disease are haemorrhaging gums, puffy gums, shrinking gums, smelly breath, loosened teeth – and finally, comprehensive loss of teeth.

Generally, it’s a good option to go to the Dentist for a check-up. If you have been recently to your dental professional and they have mentioned you have gum disease, therefore you really need to contemplate what your treatment methods are, which happens to be problematic if you are not a dentist, particularly challenging if your dentist is indicating a really expensive course of treatment.

Get Rid of Gum Disease

It may help you if you figure this out. Virtually all gum disease is attributable to microorganisms multiplying inside gap between your teeth and your gums. It often commences by a build-up of oral plaque, which is a tacky deposit which will collects on your own teeth. This plaque build-up wants scraping away which could be accomplished with a small outlay by your dental practitioner or dental hygienist.

I oftentimes get asked, “Joe, can I take away the oral plaque build-up by myself?” Well, you could try using dental floss and scraping your teeth on your own, however, your dental hygienist will do a far better job compared to you, and so I would advise you do this.

When the plaque has become taken away, lots of people are then advised they’ve got ‘gum disease’. They are usually recommended to have a course of antibiotics. Whether you adopt the prescription antibiotics is perfectly up to you, but please try to bear the following in mind.

You will have always have bacteria breeding in your mouth, every person has. What generally keeps your gums in good health and the micro-organisms manageable is your body’s defence mechanism.

Your immunity process is the equivalent of United States Department of Defence- it involves a large number of varied sections, all devoted to harming foreign invaders.

In the event that the microorganisms are multiplying inside your gums, the chances are that there’s no problem with all your gums at all, its your Department of Defence; your defense mechanisms are inadequate.

You’ll probably be run-down, tired, over-worked, anxious or perhaps not been consuming a little bit of fresh food. Not a problem, we shall talk about this in a few minutes.

First, you need to eliminate bacteria in your own gum line without worsening your own immune system further.

Antibiotics will kill the microorganisms in your gums- and often will greatly weaken your immunity process even more.

This means that by taking prescription antibiotics for gum infection, the likelihood is that the gum infection will return before long, and will also be a whole lot worse in the past. For those who have previously taken antibiotics on your gum infection, you are going to already know this to be real.

So, when you have a gum infection, you must do 3 things, and also you have to do all three.

How To Get Rid of Gum Disease Rule #1

You must get the oral plaque build-up taken away one way or another. The dentist oral hygienist will give you a great scrape and polish and it shouldn’t be too expensive.

How To Get Rid of Gum Disease Rule #2

You need to get rid of microorganisms which are producing your own gum disease, without weakening your immune system.

After ten years analysis, I discovered four natural and organic plant concentrates that get rid of the harmful bacteria straight away, when they make contact with the bacteria.

I labelled this gum infection remedy Gum Doctor. And that means you simply just massage a couple of droplets of Gum Doctor on to your infected gums 3 x every day.

Your gum infection will be gone in under a week.

Seriously, in under a week.

Gum Doctor is extremely proficient at eradicating gum infection, so much so that I offer all my clientele a full 90-day money back refund.

Basically, yes, it works. So I can manage to provide you with this guarantee, also it makes it much easier for my clientele to test this product. When they have tried using Gum Doctor, well, the gum issue is sorted.

How To Get Rid of Gum Disease Rule #3

Don’t forget things I stated earlier regarding your vulnerable immune system? Your body’s defence mechanism needs building up. Now before you begin to be concerned about this, stop! It is especially straightforward to boost your immunity process, truly, really easy.

I provide all of my Gum Doctor clientele 3 uncomplicated, easy to follow Boost Your Immune System e-books.

All these guides give uncomplicated help and advice, such as, take one good quality multi-vitamin on a daily basis.

Actually eat one bit of fruit or vegetables regularly.

Get out of breath for 15 seconds- once a day.

Merely these 3 uncomplicated points will explode your immune system. As I say, these e-books are given totally free using the Gum Doctor remedy.

That is definitely it. You have plaque free teeth, you are going to kill the unhealthy bacteria with the Gum Doctor remedy, as well as your defense mechanisms will get stronger very fast indeed.

The e-books make excellent reading and they’re yours too. The Gum Doctor gum infection solution has been on the market since 1993, when I first put the formula together. I’ve been supplying the risk-free assurance ever since then, since it is sensible for my clients and it is not a problem for me to provide this guarantee.

This is our 10 year anniversary year for Gum Doctor!

...and as a thanks to my clients and a thank you to Our God, our company is offering a totally free Gum Doctor treatment with every purchase.

Basically, it’s a purchase one-get one free offer – which has a 3 month, ninety day full cash back guarantee.

I feel very good about this offer, it’s my way of thanking Jesus and Mother Nature for sending us these remarkable plant extracts.

I look forward to assisting you in eliminating your own gum infection and improving your immune system- and improving your health and stamina right away. You can start to get rid of gum disease today.

Turnkey Lodge Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire United Kingdom
01422 882111

17th Febuary 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

Gum Doctor Review

My name is James Trainor and I have worked in the field of plant extracts, health remedies and health products for the last 35 years.

I have been asked to carry out a full independent review of the Gum Doctor remedy by Joe Johnson of Fullpoint Health. I can confirm that neither Joe Johnson nor Fullpoint Health have paid me to carry out this review.

Gum Doctor is a natural gum disease treatment that was invented by Joe Johnson, an English Health Researcher, about ten years ago.

It is said that Gum Doctor can be used for Gum Disease, Gum Infection, Gingivitis, Dental implant infections, Bleeding Gums, Receding Gums, Swollen Gums and as a preventative against future gum problems. However, its prime function is to quickly reduce the symptoms of gum infection and quickly stop the cause of the gum infection.

The remedy is said to consist of four organic plant extracts. I first went back over 5 years and inspected every invoice that Fullpoint Health had for these extracts. Every invoice indicated that the plant extracts that he uses are organic.

Whilst some documentation was missing, approximately 7%, I saw the appropriate field history sheets, farm map, and facility maps and Organic Product Profiles. For commercial reasons I will not state which Organic Certificates I witnessed, but I saw that they were from several Department of Plant Industry, USDA approved Accredited Certifying Agents. They appear to be of the highest organic quality.

The four plant extracts used in Gum Doctor are Balsamodendron Myrrha, Rosa Damascena, Origana Majorana and Mentha Piperita

The one negative point I would make is that these plant extracts are very powerful and should not be given to unsupervised children, elderly or disabled people, as they can harm the eyes if used incorrectly.

I have not heard of these plant extracts being used to treat gum infection before, but I can now understand the rationale.

These extracts have been proven in the laboratory to have natural antibiotic properties, in that they can kill bacteria, yeasts and moulds, that can cause many gum infection problems.

Whilst Fullpoint Health have in their possession, hundreds of what appear to be genuine testimonials, these are not necessarily a true indication of this products effectiveness. I am aware that they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for three months after purchase

I was given full access to their PayPal accounts and examined their financial records going back over three years, which was a far back as the PayPal system would allow. I can confirm that less than 0.001% of Gum Doctor clients asked for a refund. That is less than one in a thousand customers. Of those that did request a refund, many received their refund the same day, and all had received it within a week.

This indicates an extremely high level of customer satisfaction, taking into account the money back guarantee.

The Gum Doctor remedy appears to be a very well thought out remedy. In that

  1. It is easy to use
  2. It keeps the active ingredients focussed in the infected area
  3. It has none of the side effects of chemical antibiotics
  4. It offers instant relief to almost all users
  5. It appears to help those with chronic gum and gingival problems.

Whilst I would always recommend that any person seek the advice of a Doctor, I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone suffering from a gum infection problem.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Johnson

Jim Trainor

Managing Director

Gum Doctor Reviews provided February 2013

Gum treatment

I was looking on Google the other day to see what words people were typing in in reference to my Gum Doctor product. There was the usual Gum Doctor treatment, Gum Doctor remedy, Gum Doctor for bleeding gums, and I came across the words Is Gum Doctor a Scam?

At first I was taken aback, shocked that anyone would even think that my Gum remedy was a scam. But then I calmed down and gave it some thought. After all, apart from my friends, family and employees, nobody really knows who I am or how honest I am.

So I thought,

“How can I prove that the Gum Doctor Remedy is not a scam?”

“How can I prove that the 100% money back guarantee is an honest and genuine guarantee?”

“How can I prove that I am an honest person…?”

Then I realised something.

The answer was obvious to me, but only because I know how PayPal works.

The vast majority of the world’s population have no idea how ruthless PayPal are when it comes to protecting their reputation as a safe facilitator of online transactions.

I just had a look at PayPal’s site and got a few figures.

They expect to process $20 BILLION this year!

They process 7.7 MILLION PAYMENTS A DAY!

So, do you think they would allow ANYONE to cast doubt on their reputation as the number one payment provider in the world? If I do anything wrong, and I do mean ANYTHING, the first thing they would do is to FREEZE my account.

They would hold onto my money for up to six months.

(If you don’t believe me, simply type into Google, ‘PayPal frozen accounts’, it is really frightening, they do not mess about. They will close anyone down in a flash if they suspect a scam.)

In the meantime, they would give YOU a full refund, whether I agreed to it or not.



I have been using PayPal services for over TEN YEARS.

If I stick to their Customer Service Rules, and I do, then I HAVE NO PROBLEMS.

So, on that basis alone, I want you to have 100% confidence and know for a fact that the biggest online ‘policeman’ knows that Gum Doctor is definitely not a scam.

I look forward to helping you get rid of your gum infection fast.

Is Gum Doctor scam….. honestly!

How to Treat Your Gum Infection

How to treat gum infection, also typically known as gum disease or periodontal disease, begins with bacterial development in your mouth and may finish, if not properly treated with tooth loss due to destruction of the tissue that surrounds your teeth.

The simplest and most effective method to get rid of gum infection would be to use Gum Doctor. Gum disease or gum swelling usually comes before periodontitis and gum disease. Nonetheless, it is important to know that not every gum disease advances to periodontitis.

How to Treat Gum Infection – The Quick Way

  1. Get your plaque removed. Simple and inexpensive.
  2. I would highly recommend using Gum Doctor going forward. Carrying this solution around with you and applying just three times a day, really does heal your gums for good. Use it for about a week, that should do it.
  3. I will give you three Boost Your Immune System e-books. These are full of simple and easy-to-follow tips and your immune system will be much stronger in a few weeks. That’s it! Watch the video below to see

How to Treat Gum Infection – watch this video

Preventing it from getting worse is vitally important. During the early stage of gum infection, harmful bacteria in oral plaque build-up, causing the gums to turn inflamed as well as very easily bleed during tooth brushing.

Even though the gums may be inflamed, your pearly white teeth continue to be firmly planted within their sockets. No irrevocable bone damage, as well as other damaged tissues has taken place at this stage.

When periodontal disease remains with no treatment, it could actually advance to periodontitis. In the person with periodontitis, the inner layer of the gum and bone pull away from the teeth and form pockets. These compact spaces in between teeth and gums accumulate debris and may become inflamed.

The body’s immunity process fights the germs as the oral plaque develops and increases beneath the gum line. Toxins or poisons, generated by the harmful bacteria in plaque, along with the system’s “good” digestive enzymes associated with fighting bacterial contamination, begin to break-down the bone and connective tissue that hold your teeth in place.

As the disease moves along, the pockets deepen even more gum flesh and bone are destroyed. At this point, your teeth won’t be secured into position, they will come to be loosened, and tooth loss takes place. Gingivitis may be the leading reason behind tooth loss in older adults.

Hormonal alterations, such as those occurring while being pregnant, the age of puberty, menopausal, and month to month period, help to make gums more sensitive, which makes it easier for gingivitis to build up. Illnesses may affect the problem of your gums. This includes diseases such as cancer or Human immunodeficiency virus that interfere with the immunity mechanism.

Also diabetic issues affects the human body’s ability to use blood sugar levels, people with this condition have a higher chance of developing infections, including gum illness and tooth decay.

Prescription drugs could affect your teeth’s health, simply because some reduce the circulation of spit, which has a shielding impact on teeth and gums. Some medicines, just like anticonvulsant medicines and the anti-angina medication can cause abnormal growth and development of gum tissue.

Bad habits such as cigarette smoking make it harder for gum tissue to correct itself. Very poor oral hygiene habits which include not flossing and brushing on a daily basis, make it less difficult for gum disease to build up. Genealogy and family history of dental disease can be a contributing issue for the development of gingivitis.

Periodontal disease may develop painlessly, developing with few obvious indications, even in the later stages of your disorder. Although symptoms of gum disease often are subtle, the condition isn’t completely with no warning signs. Certain indicators may point to some form of the infection.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Infection

The signs and symptoms of gum disease include:

Gums that bleed during and after tooth scrubbing.

Red, swollen, or tender gum-line.

Persistent stinky breath or undesirable taste in the mouth.

Shrinking gum line.

Creation of profound openings somewhere between gums and teeth. Loose or shifting teeth.

Changes in exactly how teeth fit with each other upon biting down, or perhaps in the fit of partial dentures.

Even if you don’t see any signs and symptoms, you’ll probably still get some degree of gum disease.

In certain people today, gum disease may affect only certain teeth, such as the molars. Only a dental professional, as well as a periodontist can identify and discover the progress of gum disease.

Gum blood loss, swelling, overall tone, and pocket condition, this is the place between your gum and tooth the bigger and deeper the pocket, the greater significant the disease.

Teeth motion and sensitivity and proper teeth alignment with your jawbone, to help identify the breakdown of bone surrounding your teeth.

The main aim of gum disease treatment are going to encourage reattachment of healthy gums to teeth, decrease swelling, the depth of pockets, reducing the probability of infections, and to prevent disease further advancement.

Treatment methods depend on the stage of disease, what earlier treatments you have had, and your all around health.

Options vary from nonsurgical therapies that control bacterial growth to medical procedures to restore supporting tissues.

Gum disease may be reversed in almost all cases when accurate plaque control is employed.

Good plaque control includes professional cleanings at least two times annually and daily brushing and flossing.

Brushing minimizes plaque on the surfaces of the teeth that can be reached, using dental floss takes away food particles and plaque from amongst one’s teeth and underneath the gum line.

The USA Dental Association say that Anti-bacterial mouth rinses are effective in reducing bacteria that cause plaque and gum disease. They help a little, but not much.

Several other changes in your lifestyle that will decrease the risk, severity, and quickness of gum disease development. These consist of giving up smoking, as tobacco usage is a significant threat factor for development of periodontitis.

People who smoke are 7 times very likely to have gum disease than non-smokers, and smoking cigarettes can lower the prospects of success of some therapies. Smoking cigarettes actually increase emotional stress and tension, and may make it hard for your body’s immune system to battle off an infection.

Maintain a well-balanced healthy eating plan. Correct eating routine helps your own body’s defence mechanisms deal with infection.

Eating foods with antioxidant properties, for example, those that contains vitamin e, vegetable natural oils, nut products, green vegetables and vitamin c, citrus fruit some popular fruits, broccoli, potatoes can certainly help one’s body restore destroyed tissue.

Steer clear of tightening and grinding your teeth. These behaviours may put excessive pressure on the supporting tissue from the teeth and may even increase the amount in which these tissue are eliminated.

In spite of pursuing good oral hygiene routines and making other healthy way of life alternatives, the USA academy of Periodontology states that as much as 30% of Americans may be genetically susceptible to gum disease.

Individuals who are genetically predisposed, may be as much as six times more likely to develop some kind of gum disease. If somebody inside your family has gum disease, it may possibly signify you’re at and the higher chances, too.

If you are more susceptible to gum disease, your dental professional or periodontist may possibly would suggest more frequent check-ups, cleanings, and treatments to better manage the problem.

If I were you, I would follow the how to treat gum infection – the fast way.

Are My Gums Receding?

Over the years, many clients have asked me, ‘Are my gums receding?’ Well, first of all, what is gum recession? Gum recession is the course of action in which the margin on the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth wears away, or pulls back, exposing extra from the tooth, or the tooth’s root.

Receding gums might be one of the particular initial indicators of gum disease. When gum recession happens, “pockets,” or gaps, form involving the teeth and gum line, creating it easy for disease-causing bacteria to breed. This causes inflammation, then you ask, ‘Are my gums receding?''

Why Are My Gums Receding?

Gum recession is just not a thing you would wish to ignore. In the event you think your gums are receding, make an appointment together with your dentist. There are therapies which will repair the gum and avert further harm. More often than not, apart from removing plaque, they recommend antibiotics. The problem with antibiotics is that they weaken your immune system. The solution to gum recession is to treat the gum recession without weakening your immune system. That is why Gum Doctor was invented

Gum recession is really a popular dental issue. Most of the people don’t know they’ve gum recession mainly because it occurs gradually. The first sign of gum recession is generally tooth sensitivity, or you could possibly notice a tooth appears longer than standard. Often a notch is often felt near the gum line, again causing you to ask ‘are my gums receding?’

Why Do Gums Recede?

You’ll find a variety of things that could bring about your gums to recede, such as:

Periodontal ailments. They are bacterial gum infections that destroy gum tissue and supporting bone that hold your teeth in location. Gum illness could be the major trigger of gum recession.

Your genes. A lot of people could be far more susceptible to gum disease. In reality, studies show that 30% of our population may well be predisposed to gum illness, regardless of how nicely they care for their teeth.

Aggressive tooth brushing. If you brush your teeth also hard or the wrong way, it can bring about the enamel in your teeth to wear away as well as your gums to recede.

Insufficient dental care. Inadequate brushing and flossing makes it uncomplicated for plaque to turn into calculus (tartar) — a tough substance that could only be removed by a professional dental cleaning — and build up on and in among your teeth, causing gum recession.

Hormonal changes. Fluctuations in female hormone levels for the duration of a woman’s lifetime, for instance in puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, can make gums much more sensitive and more vulnerable to gum recession.

Tobacco solutions. Tobacco users are much more most likely to possess sticky plaque on their teeth which is challenging to remove, which can cause gum recession.

Grinding and clenching your teeth. Clenching or grinding your teeth can place as well considerably force on the teeth, causing gums to recede.

Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. When teeth do not come collectively evenly, also substantially force can be placed around the gums and bone, enabling gums to recede.

Body piercing of the lip or tongue. Jewellery can rub the gums and irritate them for the point that gum tissue is worn away. Either way, if you asking yourself, ‘Are my gums receding?, then the simple thing to do is destroy the bacteria that is causing your receding gums and then boost your immune system, so use Gum Doctor, it is guaranteed to work. You will know how to stop bleeding gums once and for all.

About us

Hello, my name is Joe Johnson. Let me say right up front that I am not a Doctor. If you have any health problem, please get yourself checked out by your Doctor first.

There is probably nothing serious wrong with you, so you have nothing to worry about, but it really is worth having that peace of mind. So, please do it. I suffered with gum problems for years; there was little my Dentis could do to help.

No matter how hard I tried, no matter how many new drugs, treatments, therapies I tried- I just wasn’t getting better. Then one day, by the grace of God, I tried a researched and found a natural treatment that worked.

My gum infection disappeared almost overnight and apart from a little sniffle now and again, my health has been great. So now I am dedicated to sharing this breakthrough in gum infection health care with as many people as possible.

I understand that this treatment may not work for everybody, although it seems to work for the vast majority of people who try it. However, if you are one of the unfortunate few it doesn’t work for, you can have 100% of your money back. Thanks for at least trying this amazing treatment.

If you think you may have it, and you want to get the very best natural treatment, that is guaranteed to work or your money back, then let us get Gum Doctor to you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What exactly do I get with the Gum Doctor Remedy?

A:You get everything you need.

You get… the Gum Doctor Remedy, which will get rid of your gum infection very quickly.

You get… 3 Boost Your Immune System Health Reports in simple download format.

The Gum Doctor will get rid of your gum infection, simply, easily and naturally.

And it won’t damage your immune system either.

But what you need to do is boost your immune system.

I show you how to do this with little effort.

Your energy levels will soar in just a few weeks.

You get… three videos in which I share with you a few simple tips, that no other health professional knows, that will boost your health and guarantee you a good night’s sleep. You get a total of $223 worth of Gum Doctor Remedy, videos and health reports, for only 1 payment of $87 + $5 shipping.

Q: You say the remedy is a ‘natural’ anti-biotic, but what is it actually made of?

A:The remedy consists of three premium quality organic plant extracts. They are Syzygium Aromaticum, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum and Thymus Serpyllum, . These three plant extracts do all the hard work of quickly killing the infection. They are some of Mother Nature’s most powerful natural antibiotics.

When you inhale their vapours, these plant extracts will kill the bacteria which is causing your problems. They do not smell good or taste good. But what would you prefer? To continue to suffer for weeks, months or years, or to use this remedy for a few days?

I experimented for two years before I found the exact genus of organic plant extracts which stood head and shoulders above the other possible natural antibiotics..

These were the only plant extracts which worked almost every single time.

The genus of the three extracts is extremely important if you are to get rid of your gum infection quickly.

Q: How is everything delivered to me?

A: The Gum Doctor is sent out to you the same day by fastest post. It will take a couple of days to get to you depending on which country you live in.

The videos and health reports are sent to you by email.

You’ll be sent instructions direct to your inbox on how to watch the videos and download the reports.

No log-ins or passwords to lose.

Q: How does the 90 day money back guarantee work?

A:Simply drop me a line if you don’t like the product within the next 90 days and I’ll make sure you get a 100% refund. Of course, you can keep the Boost Your Immune System Reports and you can continue to watch all my gum videos and future health research videos. I believe the chances of you asking for a refund are slim.

Q: Do I need anything else, such as equipment or previous medical experience to make Gum Doctor work?

A:You need nothing at all except a bowl of hot water and a towel.

That is it!

I have already selected the extracts for you, to make sure you see the same healthy gum success as all my other Gum Doctor clients.

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So please feel free to email us.

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Dentists will advise you that oral cleanliness is best way to get rid of gingivitis.

Well it is true that good dental hygiene helps to avoid gingivitis, however, after you have got it, it will be too late for great dental hygiene alone.

If you’re to stop gingivitis, then you’re going to need to eliminate bacteria which is living on, breeding on and infecting your gums.

Initially you need to comprehend what gingivitis is. The ‘gingiva’ is definitely the scientific term for your gums, and any word ending in ‘itis’, means it actually is infected. By way of example, tonsillitis, conjunctivitis or appendicitis. So if you have gingivitis, you have infected gums.

Now, most Dental professionals claim that great good oral cleaning together with a course of antibiotics can get rid of your gingivitis.

What they don’t reveal is your gingivitis will probably return within a month or so, and if you might have already had your antibiotics you’ll be aware this to generally be 100% true.

Get Rid of Gingivitis

First permit me to explain why antibiotics fail to work for gingivitis, after which I will tell you how you may get rid of it. Most people, that’s me, you together with everybody else, are coated in a seething mass of bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses. When our defense mechanisms have good health, it’s not at all a problem because it kills off this stuff without us even realizing that they’re there.

Nevertheless, once we have had a cold, or we become distressed, or over worked, or we eat bad quality meals, our defense mechanisms result in being progressively weaker, until one day it actually starts to lose the battles with all the bacteria.

Then the microorganisms continue to breed on and in your body. They typically start to grow anywhere it is hot, dark, and moist and where there may be ample food. So if you have gingivitis, the likelihood is that you have got bacteria or yeasts growing between your legs, below your arms and even in the eyes. Which is why those who want to get rid of gingivitis also often present an itchy bottom or cloudy or milky eye-sight as soon as they wake up in the mornings.

So, the ‘standard’ suggestion will be to take antibiotics and you may reduce your gingivitis before you know it. The thing is this, medications, whilst they will most likely kill off the bacteria that is inducing your gingivitis, they are going to essentially weaken your immunity process, that was the actual reason that you have gingivitis from the start!

The Get Rid of Gingivitis Solution

So, this is the predicament you are in. You will have to eliminate your gingivitis and enhance your defense mechanisms; or else you may be troubled with your health for a long period in the future.

This Gum Doctor treatment method is built to eliminate the bacterium which have been breeding on the gum line – on contact. Just massage a couple of droplets of the organic and natural plant concentrates onto your gums several times on a daily basis.

You don’t need much. This is a small bottle and will be conveniently carried unnoticed in your trousers pocket.

The harmful bacteria have zero defence against these natural medicines. Inside a couple of days your gum line will really feel and appear a great deal healthier.

Now Sort Out the Cause Of Your Gingivitis

You will then need to elevate your body’s immune system. This isn’t an issue, but it usually takes more time. There are several painless things you can do to reinforce your body’s immune system. The very first thing is improve your diet. Loads of fresh produce and vegetables.

If at all like me, you may find it difficult to find the time to make a wholesome dish, then make absolutely certain that you drink two servings of vegetable or fruit juice every day, that’s the things I do.

Then find a good multi-vitamin. Just be sure that you choose to get yourself a ‘high dose’ multivitamin, and don’t be tempted by the real low priced kinds in the superstore, they are usually too inadequate.

Last but not least, do a few minutes exercise on a daily basis. I realize, I know, many people do not want to try this, however am not speaking about running a race. Just begin today by doing exercises for 20 seconds or so, so you are short of your breath for 10-seconds.

After that slowly build it up to a minute. Believe me, this genuinely helps. The physical exercise really pumps the detrimental body toxins and dead bacteria from your body, you’ll feel good in no time at all.

Obtain a multi-vitamin. Get out of breath for several seconds on a daily basis and will also be back to your old self in no time at all.

To recap, massage the Gum Doctor to your gum line for about 7 days or so and you will definitely get rid of gingivitis.

Bleeding Gums

Are you looking to treat bleeding gums? Bacteria is responsible for creating the hard plaque that accumulates on your teeth and out of sight under your gums. It is these hard-to-reach plaque deposits that cause pockets to form in your gums.

The plaque also causes sore and bleeding gums and receding gums. Left untreated this will deteriorate into more serious forms of gum disease which could ultimately lead to loss of teeth. So you really do need to treat bleeding gums quickly.

Apart from Gum Doctor- which treats bleeding gums easily, there are other things you could consider.

All parts of the Blackberry bush are beneficial to everyone’s health and can be put to good use. The ripe and sweet berries can be eaten fresh, made into jams or jellies, frozen for smoothies and made into deserts. The roots of the Blackberry bush work as a strong astringent by constricting blood vessels and reduce minor bleeding so it is effective in treating bleeding gums when used as a gargle.

Many types of skin conditions such as oily skin, rashes, eczema or sunburns are effectively treated when Blackberry is used as a compress. When drank as a tea Blackberry is known to help dry up sinus drainage.

Treat Bleeding Gums

First of all, the video below describes the only way that we know that is guaranteed to work. in fact it is the only remedy that promises to stop your bleeding gums – or your money back.

Here are other ways that people have tried to treat their bleeding gums….

The simplest way to treat bleeding gums at home with the help of salt water. Mix one teaspoon of table salt in a glass of warm water. Use this solution to rinse your mouth. This should be done three times a day for best results. This bleeding gum treatment rarely works for longer than a few days.

Common Bleeding Gum Treatments

  1. Prevention and attention to oral hygiene
  2. Diligent brushing teeth
  3. Removing tartar and bad dentures embedded complement the stimulus material, eliminate plaque and repair or re-adjustment is not suitable for dentures, loosening of teeth, each tooth occlusion adjustment, to treat bleeding gums.
  4. Bleeding gums are also caused by the canker sores which are caused by the herpes simplex virus. The plant extracts in Gum Doctor can treat bleeding gums very effectively.
  5. Aging is also a factor for bleeding gums. If you do not treat bleeding gums properly it may eventually lead to loss of teeth.
  6. Early diagnoses of the bleeding gums are better and you can treat them so that there are no further complications. Tooth loss is caused gum weakening. Many people are affected by bleeding gums that is characterized by bleeding gums and swollen gums. This condition may also be painful for some people.
  7. Smokers are more likely to have bleeding gums, the gums begin to lose sensitivity, and there may be less bleeding that might aggravate the problem in the later stage. So smokers need to treat bleeding gums even more than others.
  8. Smokers must see the dentist every three months to check the health of their teeth. The best way to prevent or reverse the symptoms of bleeding gums for smokers is to quit smoking altogether.

    The harmful chemicals in the smoke decrease the ability of the body to fight infections that result in delayed healing for bleeding gums. Smokers are less likely to respond to the dental treatments, and this may cause permanent damage to teeth including teeth becoming loose from gums.

  9. Early treatment of irritated gums can prevent gingivitis from progressing to periodontitis. In the initial phase, your gums may swell and bleed easily during brushing and flossing. Gum bleeding is an early indicator of gingivitis.

Vitamin C for Bleeding Gums

When 300 to 800 milligrams of vitamin C were given daily with a single drug, the period of treatment was considerably shortened, and larger, more effective doses could be used when needed.

The amount of vitamin C needed daily to detoxify drugs; is not known, but varies with the number taken, the dosage, and the toxicity of each; 100 milligrams given with a drug have been too few to protect patients from allergic reactions was recently stumped when a man taking varying doses of different drugs daily asked me how much vitamin C is required.

Often I suggest that 250 milligrams and a whole orange or unstrained juice be taken with a single dose of any drug, but I told him to take as much vitamin C as he could afford and to watch for bruises and bleeding gums-the first signs of a vitamin C deficiency and to increase his intake as soon as ‘either symptom appeared.

The vitamin also helps to prevent the liver damage known to be caused by a number of drugs. Vitamin C will help you to treat bleeding gums

During severe bleeding gums illness, the combined stresses of the disease and numerous medications often cause the vitamin C requirement to be fantastically high.

When not met, large areas of spontaneous bruising may appear, a condition physician’s call purpura, which means purple; even fatal haemorrhaging can occur.

Other deficiencies, particularly too little vitamin E, contribute to purpura; once it has appeared, use huge amounts of both vitamins C and E are needed.

Gum Doctor Remedy For Prevention of Bleeding Gums

Very important in case of bleeding gums is the prevention of oral infections. Therefore, many people suffering from gingivitis should use Gum Doctor. Its antibiotic effect, may be as effective for this purpose. Put a few drops of Gum Doctor on index finger and massage into your gums. Follow this treatment three times a day, morning, midday and evening after you brush your teeth.

Often, amaranth is used for gastroenteritis or the stomach flu. It helps to lessen the irritability of the tissues. A strong decoction of amaranth can be used to remove worms and other parasites from the digestive tract. Applying amaranth topically can help to reduce tissue swelling. The herb can be used with bandages for medical treatment. Additionally, it can help stop excess bleeding which is often caused by sore gums, nosebleeds, and heavy menses. Amaranth is highly digestible and is

In its beginning stages, periodontal disease is Gingivitis. This condition causes swelling and bleeding of gums. In its earliest stages, a dentist will typically treat gum disease with strong mouth rinses, antibiotics if infection is present, or root scaling and planing. These things can even reverse the effects of early gum disease- but they can make it a lot worse. Use Gum Doctor as it does not damage your immune system.

Bleeding is never a good sign. When gums begin to become sensitive and bleed when brushing or flossing, this is a good sign that something is wrong. If left untreated, bleeding gums can lead to more serious periodontal disease including the loosing and loss of permanent teeth in adults.

Treat bleeding gums with Gum Doctor, you have zero risk, and it really does work every single time.

The Cause of Receding Gums

Plenty of people type into Google – Cause receding gums?

While plenty of patients contemplate cause receding gums like a disorder which only occurs later in life, that is not correct.

Many different causes can result in this form of periodontal condition, which tends to make it straightforward for patients of every single age group and genders to experience recession of your gums.

These types of symptoms are consistent with an absence of acceptable dental hygiene, or an irregular position of the teeth as well as higher stress towards the oral cavity and periodontal area.

Cause Receding Gums?

Dealing with gum recession is essential, not just for relief, but furthermore to defend the healthiness of your teeth. Neglected, this disorder can result in larger threat of tooth decay along with other oral troubles by way of example a terrible bite, painful jaw, periodontal situation as well as tooth loss.

Gingival recession or receding gums, is usually a disorder in which the roots in the teeth come to be uncovered because of the reduction or decreasing of periodontal tissue.

More Receding Gums Information

Depending on the degree of gum recession, therapies incorporate modifying brushing practices, dental deep cleaning by a dental qualified and tooth surgical treatment to restore the periodontal deterioration.

Receding gums are common with individuals who encounter healthcare problems such as gingivitis or possibly some kind of periodontal situation. Whatever the cause receding gums, when the gums commence to recede, the tooth are getting tender to higher temperature and low temperatures, developing plenty of discomfort. In some cases, successful therapy of the principal condition are going to lower the recession on the gums as well as minimize a lot of the tenderness.

On the other hand receding gums are usually typical for those older than forty, some people will likely be able to observe them drastically sooner than that. Occasionally gum recession might be determined by appear or perhaps by sensing the base of the tooth in the gum line.

Numerous individuals with receding gums seem like their tooth are notched towards the top. Discomfort can also be a typical indication of receding gums, due to the fact the uncovered leading aspect of your tooth is usually a lot a lot more tender in comparison with the other components, turning unpleasant when they consume quite hot or frosty meals and drinks.

Another cause receding gums are weak oral sanitation, this might also result in the progression of receding gums. Unable to clean the teeth frequently, flossing to eradicate tooth plaque accumulation involving the teeth as well as generating use of a mouth rinse regularly can cause many different tooth troubles and bring about the recession of your gums.

Like with gingival recession, gums that recede because of weak oral sanitation can outcome in raised tenderness and destroy the roots in the tooth inside the long run.

Hormonal variations. Variations in woman hormone levels throughout a woman’s lifespan, as an example in puberty, carrying a child as well as menopause, could make gums extra tender and susceptible to gum recession are another cause receding gums.

Other periodontal troubles may possibly also take place because of troubles using the teeth. The troubles might consist of teeth that are crooked, as well as typically don’t match as a group correctly when the individual bites down.

Another cause receding gums could be tooth issues, including receding gums, also can take place due to inappropriate positioning of crowns, tooth caps and fillings.

Each of those conditions create elevated pressure on the tooth as well as gums, as well as in turn cause receding gums to recede, the problem just isn’t lessened simply by having the teeth straightened and also stabilized by a dentist.

Further gum damage may well also result after the progression of this sort of periodontal condition. As an illustration, a fall down or probably an automobile crash may incorporate injury for the oral cavity and teeth.

The final outcome is gums that are traumatized and also reveal much more of the tooth, with each other with all the tooth roots. If this kind of method may be the contributing factor for the cause receding gums, reconstructive surgical remedy that fixes the teeth and sends all of them straight into suitable position is deemed probably the most powerful option to preserve revealed tooth roots and decrease the problem.

The remedy for receding gums is determined by what is cause receding gums. In case it’s a outcome of misaligned tooth, in that case an orthodontist could possibly help with braces or probably other accessories. For men and women who face receding gums as a result of extremely exuberant brushing, take into consideration altering more than to a gentle bristled toothbrush and also seek the advice of your tooth hygienist for suggestions to strengthen your program. The improvement from the receding gums could be slowed basically by providing up smoking and brushing on a regular basis.

In considerably significantly less severe situations, physicians might suggest the usage of some form of medicine placed straight towards the teeth to become able to relieve a number of the tenderness and normal periodontal discomfort. Frequently, the medication is in fluid form that is implemented along the periodontal line with the use of an organic cotton swab.

Option doctors suggest the consumption of a number of nutrients to reduce decay and re-establish an amount of healthiness towards the gums. For the people with critically receded gums, a graft from a distinct section in the oral cavity could be the ideal choice for therapy.

In case the receding gums destruction is terrible, in that case a dental expert could thoroughly clean every single spaces or openings inside the tooth and gums and soon after that stuff all of them in using a components that prevents the gums from receding even more as well as encourages re improvement.

Herbal and natural or dwelling homeopathic remedies present you drastically much less intrusive options. Popular house homeopathic treatments consist of massage therapies the gums with mustard oil every single day or possibly generating use of a remedy of potassium phosphate, natrum sulphuricum as well as silicon dioxide on the gums.

Ensure to execute your person study, herbal and all-natural as well as residence homeopathic therapies are not supported by the United States of America food and drug administration as well as it really is very good to become acquainted with any form of damaging effects or challenges in which the therapy could be contraindicated. You will find numerous forms of periodontal tissue graft techniques, however essentially the most usually employed a single is identified as a connective tissue graft.

Within this treatment for receding gums, a flap of skin layers is slice at the leading of your oral cavity and tissue from beneath the flap, identified as sub epithelial connective tissue, is taken out immediately after that stitched for the periodontal tissue adjoining the uncovered tooth root.

Consistent cleanings to remove tooth plaque accumulation in conjunction with therapies for possible periodontal situation has to be performed exactly where appropriate. Despite the fact that a lot of men and women are vulnerable to receding gums due to heredity, early periodontal deterioration might be eliminated with appropriate oral sanitation which include each and every day brushing, flossing as well as continual appointments to a dental skilled.

Plenty of dentists recommend consumers to concentrate most on suitable flossing, claiming that it’s a lot far more essential compared to brushing only. Men and women who’ve modest or serious periodontal disease, specially people with linked gum recession, desires to be checked by their dental surgeon regularly to appear for pockets inside the periodontal in addition to bone reduction.

Protection, early medical diagnosis and intense therapy are going to help in stopping loss of teeth as well as receding gums.

The Only Cure for Receding Gums That Is Guaranteed To Work

The only therapy that we know that actually stops receding gums is

  1. Remove plaque
  2. Kill the bacteria with Gum Doctor
  3. Boost your immune system with our free ‘Boost Your Immune System E-books’.

On top of that, not among these options is going to accomplish an excessive amount of excellent in case the impacted men and women makes minor attempt to brush teeth correctly, floss or stick to all other ideas their dental expert might build. Remember that proper oral hygiene together with normal appointments for your dental experienced would be the most successful option to preserve sound oral health.


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Gum Doctor Testimonials

The very best gum disease treatment I have ever tried, it worked for me where antibiotics had failed. I had gingivitis again, and I feared the worst …Thank God, you discovered those herbs. My gingivitis was gone in a 3 days.

Maria R | New York

I wanted to thank you for your site! Seriously — this stuff TOTALLY blows away anything similar to it, and I can tell you right now – using your simple treatment I fully expect my mouth to be the healthiest it have ever been in my whole life! “Incredible” is a gross understatement, Joe, I can’t thank you enough for this!

Simon V | Washington, DC

Using Gum Doctor Treatment I had used it for three or four days and Wham – my gums look pink, healthy and they feel hard again. Why are Dentists and Doctors so against natural remedies? These last few days have resulted in a mind-boggling improvement in my gums health. I feel so great I hardly noticed my gum disease disappearing- but it did.

Linda J | Florida

The drops were simple and easy to use, thanks Emma. The last bottle lasted over twelve months so it was well worth it. I hope your discount offer is still on?.

Annie P | New Jersey

Looks like this is a real winner. And the gingivitis cure that you provide is nothing short of sensational. So thanks for a great product. The bonus gifts alone are worth more than the price of the whole Gum Doctor package.

Nancy D | Los Angeles, CA

Hi, my teeth had been loose on and off for months, my gums were bleeding and I tried antibiotics three times- but the problem kept coming back. I applied your plant extracts with my finger for only 10 seconds 3 times a day seems to have sorted it.

John B | Birmingham

I could taste the bad breath caused by the bleeding gums. I was so embarrassed, but it got more serious when my dentist told me I could lose my teeth. I put two drops on my gums three or four times a day and by the time I had used half a bottle, the bleeding had stopped and my dentist is 'curious' to say the least! Thanks so much for a great invention.

Melanie C | Oklahoma City

Dear Customer Service Department, it worked! Just like you said it would. My gums are growing again, my teeth are tighter and my breath is so much fresher! Send me three more - I never want to run the risk again. You have saved my teeth with this amazing gingivitis gum disease remedy. Please send me four more bottles. I think every member of my family should protect their teeth and gums with Gum Doctor

Larry W | Louisville

I am 99% pleased I found your site. My teeth are not loose anymore, the bleeding has stopped, my gums are no longer soft, but you could have flavored it better.

Margery A | Portland

I gave my Dentist your web site address, he was impressed by the way my gums quickly recovered

Rowena B | Hong Kong

Hi there, many thanks for sending me details of the web site again. I have to say that I have suffered from gum disease for about 8 years on and off. I have tried many remedies, and have had antibiotics and different drugs from specialists, and I have to admit I was on the verge of trying losing all my teeth, till I saw your web site. Your treatment DOES work. It is wonderful. My breath is fresher (and this is something that was beginning to depress me) and my gums are slowly growing back. Thank you so much.

Andi | Texas

For years I have had to spend at least 15-20 minutes every morning and night gently cleaning my teeth and swilling my gums with mouthwash. I was told your bottles will last me months, but I will never run out of this Gum system ever. My mouth, my teeth, my gums are all feeling great, no gingivitis, no bleeding at all. I am still feeling great and will continue to use the system every week, like the videos said to. Thanks again for this great Gum remedy of yours.

Kelly D | Las Vegas

Thank you for your treatment, I feel like a new man! People at work are all asking me why I am so much happier, they are all noticing it. I haven’t had a Gum problem for over two weeks. No blood on my teeth and no loose teeth, thanks Emma!

Jason Sprotter | Milwaukee

You have created the finest gum treatment I’ve ever used. The results I have got from this treatment has been nothing short of wonderful, thanks Joe.

W. Patel | New York

I watched your online gum disease and gingivitis videos, then I gently touched the plant extracts onto my gums. I thought it wasn't gonna work because there was so little of the stuff. Then I noticed it 'sticks' to my gums, and it tasted so nice! It reminds me of those violet candies I used to eat as a kid. Within three days I knew it had done the job. My gums are hard, my teeth are not loose and my breath is so much fresher. I keep the tiny bottle in my purse wherever I go.

Carol B | Perth Au

I ordered the Gum Doctor a month or so ago and since I have suffered for over 2 years and I have had 2 very expensive gum surgeries, which didn’t work, so I was very sceptical that anything this simple would work. I simply rubbed it in like you said and after a week I can honestly say my gums are hard again. No bleeding at all! As I sit here writing to you, I am crying because I am so happy to have something that does work and someone like yourself who cares enough to follow up with advice and support. All I can say is if you have suffered as I have, and believe me it does affect every part of your daily life, you owe it to yourself to try this proven formula. I will be eternally grateful that I stumbled upon your website. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!

Phyllis Bailey | Albuquerque

I ordered the product two days ago and it arrived this morning. I used it immediately and I cannot stop smiling. Let me tell you. My swollen, bleeding gums which I had struggled with for over two years, simply stopped bleeding before I had put the Gum Doctor back in its box. Even my wife didn’t believe me! Seriously, I cannot stop smiling. Thank you so much.

W. Peat | New England

I was put off by the price of your remedy, but after your Customer Care Manager explained that the mixture would be handmade and that I could have a refund if it didn’t work, then I had nothing to lose. It arrived in the mail and have got to say THE REMEDY IS BRILLIANT! Thank you so much!

Thomas G | Santa Rosa

Hello, I just thought I'd let you know that I received my order yesterday. As I live in Singapore I thought it would take a lot longer due to the time difference. The order was placed and I received it in the time you stated, which is FANTASTIC! I also just wanted to say thank-you as I sent an email to your customer care and was surprised at the speed of which my query was responded to, 'plus' with all of my questions answered in full. Thanks so much for the excellent service. Kind regards

Pandey T | Singapore